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About Bunnyville Distillery

Bunnyville Distillery is one of the top five distilleries in Taiwan known for various liquor brands: Spring Vodka, Formosa Rum, Palace Gin and Bunnyville Liqueurs. The distillery is situated on a cold spring from which water source is drawn. Its cold spring water source gives the drinks fresh, crisp and distinctive taste.

This cold spring was excavated on the mountainside of Taoyuan in 1940 during the Japanese occupation era. A coal mine was eventually developed in this area by the army and it was necessary to excavate the local water source. After the unexpected [cold] spring was excavated, a multitude of animals, particularly rabbits, were attracted to live there. As a result of this, the place was named “Rabbit Hole Hamlet” or “Bunnyville”.

The brand logo, the “Bunny”, owes itself to this historical origin, and “cold spring water” has thus become the soul of its products.