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Introduction to Bunnyville Liquor: Choosing the Right Drink for You

Bunnyville Liquor_Palace Gin

Palace Gin: London Dry Gin

Palace Gin: London Dry Gin is known for its high CP valued by mixologists and connoisseurs in the industry. It is structured with 10 different botanical flavor profiles, and it is one of the loyal representatives of the traditional ‘London Dry Gin’ process. It is like perfume; it has complex layers of aromas: a base, a middle, and a top. Just like people who have their unique personalities, so does Palace Gin.

Fortunately, it doesn’t take much to up your cocktail game and take gin to the next level. The easiest way to drink gin is with your favorite kind of tonic water in the classic G&T. It’s the main ingredient in straightforward classics like the Gin Martini, Negroni, and French 75.

Spring Vodka

Bunnyville Spring Vodka

When you feel the need for a refreshing drink, a pre-frozen shot of Spring Vodka could be your best choice. Many people underestimate vodka, yet as a pure alcohol spirit, it is quite complex. And it’s because of this simplicity that it merits the title of being the most consumed spirit in the world. You can taste the aroma of wheat and the hint of a sweet aftertaste from the cold mountain spring water. And if you are feeling a bit more adventurous, you can add juice or pop and make the famous Cosmopolitan drink and the staple Bloody Mary or just simply enjoy the classic Martini.

Formosa -Superior White Rum


Originated in Taiwan, where you’re surrounded by the sea at a semi-tropical latitude, its location fosters some of the most unforgiving and nurturing climates. This play of nature yields some of the world’s best produce the sweetest of tropical fruits and high-quality sugar cane growth which makes our Formosa White Rum legendary. They said Rum is just for pirates, best described as, young wild, and free. However, after the taste of Formosa Rum, it could also be considered ‘tender’, a result of the added locally sourced molasses that brings out an extra dimension to the taste and quality.
Here are some of the classic rum cocktails you can enjoy:
Everybody loves: Mojito
The classic kind: Daiquiri


The superior quality cold spring gaoliang is distilled from sorghum grown in the fertile, subtropical, evergreen soil of Taiwan. The pristine water is sourced from a cold spring, first discovered in 1940, high in the mountains of Taoyuan. Together with our immaculate quality control, these natural wonders of Taiwan give our cold spring gaoliang its distinctive, smooth, and crisp taste.

1940 Cold Spring Gaoliang 63


This “1940 Cold Spring Sorghum 63% Sorghum Liquor” is distilled from high-quality Taiwanese sorghum. The soul of sorghum wine came from the purity of cold spring water excavated in the high mountains of Taiwan in 1940 used to brew sorghum. This cold spring water is a gift from God, giving the cold spring sorghum unparalleled and smooth taste.

The bottle body of the wine bottle is made of ceramic to preserve the excellent wine and exhibits Taiwanese ceramic culture and technology and is made in small batches. The jade-like glaze of the bottle, is like the essence of a person, with a heart as firm and clear as jade. In regards to the experience, it is cold and pure and gives you a strong but sweet taste, just like a character of a gentleman.

We wanted to provide a Chinese classic and elegant temperament, dedicated to people who value precious treasures given by God.

Cold Spring Gaoliang 58

Cold Spring Gaoliang 58

“Cold Spring Gaoliang 58 ” is made by using original distillation equipment, rich brewing technology, and very precious cold spring water from the mountains.

Let you feel the depth and flavor of sorghum like never before. The bottle design adopts the famous “aqua blue” pottery and symbolizes the stability and charm of the ocean with an elegant golden font that is bright and dazzling as the moonlight. A like bottle of “Cold Spring Gaoliang 58 “, will leave you fascinated as it inherits the traditional thinking and inspires the modern trend.

The high-end equipment used for our makes the wine quality of “Cold Spring Gaoliang 58 ” pure and quiet. Drink with no worries, you will never feel nauseated and swell like wine. The coldness of the spring water makes the wine more alkaline therefore you will never be bored drinking it.

Bunnyville Liquor: Kumquat Liqueur

Bunnyville Liquor: Kumquat Wine

Kumquats grow on the hillsides below 500 meters above sea level. They are round and plump, young fruits with green skin, moderate acidity, and sweetness. These are carefully selected kumquats by small farmers in southern Taiwan.

Kumquats have a moderate sweetness and sourness and are most suitable for brewing fruit wines, which have also become one of Taiwan’s special flavored wines.

Kumquat is an evergreen tree that produces edible golden-yellow fruit. The peel has a sweet flavor, but the fruit has a distinctly sour center. The plant symbolizes good luck in China and other Asian countries, where it is often kept as a houseplant and given as a gift during the Lunar New Year. Bunnyville Kumquat Liqueur has a golden yellow color with a balanced sweet and sour taste. It is best served with ice, and you will find it one of the greatest aperitifs to stimulate your appetite.

Bunnyville Liquor: Mulberry Liqueur

Bunnyville Liquor: Mulberry Wine

About a month before and after the Qingming Festival every year, it is the best time to harvest mulberries. This year, we selected mulberries grown and produced in Yizhu Township, Chiayi County to make mulberry wine.

The winemaker selects the best mulberries with thick and fleshy flesh, purple-black color, full water content, sweet taste like honey, and bright color. And because the production period of mulberries is very short, this wine is a fresh seasonal wine. The mulberry fruit is approximately 2–3 cm long. Immature fruits are white, green, or pale yellow. The fruit turns pink and then red while ripening, then dark purple or black, and has a sweet flavor when fully ripe. The ripe fruit is often sold as nutritional supplements. Many people believe it can maintain the beauty and keep young. Bunnyville Mulberry Liqueur has a dark purple color. It is sweet and best served with ice.

Bunnyville Liquor: Honey Wine

Bunnyville Liquor: Honey Wine

Bunnyville Honey Liqueur uses honey that is made from nectar collected by bees from the majority of longan flowers grown in the mountain of Taiwan. Honey-Wine was produced in ancient history throughout Europe, Africa, and Asia. It has played an important role in mythology. Some stories turned the drinker into a poet or scholar.

Bunnyville Honey Wine is made from Nantou’s orange blossom nectar. Orange blossom nectar has a clear light amber color, a silky-smooth texture, and a light new aroma of orange peel is the biggest feature. This nectar is selected by winemakers after years of research, visiting many beekeepers, and verifying its sweetness, water content, and purity.

Every February and March is the orange blossom season, and beekeepers get the freshest honey during the blooming season. The production of honey decreases year by year, so every drop of wine is pure and precious. Every time you take a sip of the sweet mead, you not only

Bunnyville Liquor: Plum Liqueur

Bunnyville Liquor: Plum Wine

The origin and variety of the plums determine the taste of plum wine. This year, the green plums from Xinyi Township, Nantou, Taiwan are selected to make plum wine, which is brewed using the family wine recipe that the grandma has kept for nearly a hundred years. Following the wine recipe, the green plums that are round and close to nine-point ripeness are selected, washed, sun-dried, and finished. The brewing work is then carried out.

The fresh, natural flavors of plums and spirits combine perfectly, balancing all the sweetness, acidity, and unique fragrance of the plum pit.

The plums cultivated in Taiwan are mostly farmed in the central mountain range. Plums can induce appetite, and dispel abdominal distention. Since these plums are highly acidic and only slightly sweet, they are not often used as fresh fruit after harvest and are instead turned into plum liqueur. Bunnyville Plum Liqueur uses fresh plums harvested in April. It is only made once a year in batch production. You can drink it on the rocks, with soda water, or mix it with green tea.

Bunnyville Liquor: Lemon Liqueur


Bunnyville Liquor: Lemon Wine is produced and brewed using the ancient method of Limoncello in Italy. It has a uniquely tasty flavor due to locally sourced fresh yellow lemons mixing with cold spring water. Limoncello is traditionally served chilled as an after-dinner digestif living up to its name as a popular table wine in the world.