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How to make your own plum liqueur?

Knowledge about plum wine
Plum has very low sugar content. It is impossible to ferment plum alone to produce enough drinkable alcohol without adding abundant sugar. Therefore, commercial plum wine are always made using infusion technique (immersing plum with high abv liquor such as Vodka, Gin , Rum or Whiskey)

Here I will share a DIY plum wine recipe using vodka


  • fresh plum 1kg
  • spring vodka 2 bottles
  • bottles rock sugar 500g


1.  clean plum, soak plum in water3-4 hours, dry them

2.  Remove the stems from the head to avoid mixing with vodka during infusion 

3. Make 4 open cuts on the plum 

4. Fill 50% of the jar with plums 

5.add rock sugar in the jar

6.Pour in 2 bottles of Spring Vodka

7. Open up the jar in two weeks, stir and add more rock sugar

8. Open up jar in another 2 weeks, stir again

9. Ready to taste in 3 months. The plum flavor will be stronger in 6 months


It is the best to clean and dry the surface of the plum 

It is essential to remove the stem to avoid bitterness taste

It will speed up the process when making more cuts to the plums

If you are too lazy to make the plum wine, you may purchase Bunnyville Plum directly from us.