1943 Cold Spring Gaoliang 63

This “1940 Cold Spring Sorghum 63% Sorghum Liquor” is distilled from high-quality Taiwanese sorghum. The soul of sorghum wine came from the purity of cold spring water excavated in the high mountains of Taiwan in 1940 used to brew sorghum. This cold spring water is a gift from God, giving the cold spring sorghum unparalleled and smooth taste.

The bottle body of the wine bottle is made of ceramic to preserve the excellent wine and exhibits Taiwanese ceramic culture and technology and is made in small batches. The jade-like glaze of the bottle, is like the essence of a person, with a heart as firm and clear as jade. In regards to the experience, it is cold and pure and gives you a strong but sweet taste, just like a character of a gentleman.

We wanted to provide a Chinese classic and elegant temperament, dedicated to people who value precious treasures given by God.

Size: 500 ml

Strength : 63% vol