Cold Spring Gaoliang 58

“Cold Spring Gaoliang 58 ” is made by using original distillation equipment, rich brewing technology, and very precious cold spring water from the mountains.

Let you feel the depth and flavor of sorghum like never before. The bottle design adopts the famous “aqua blue” pottery and symbolizes the stability and charm of the ocean with an elegant golden font that is bright and dazzling as the moonlight. A like bottle of “Cold Spring Gaoliang 58 “, will leave you fascinated as it inherits the traditional thinking and inspires the modern trend.

The high-end equipment used for our makes the wine quality of “Cold Spring Gaoliang 58 ” pure and quiet. Drink with no worries, you will never feel nauseated and swell like wine. The coldness of the spring water makes the wine more alkaline therefore you will never be bored drinking it.


Size: 500 ml

Strength : 58% vol