Bunnyville Liquor: Kumquat Wine

Kumquats grow on the hillsides below 500 meters above sea level. They are round and plump, young fruits with green skin, moderate acidity, and sweetness. These are carefully selected kumquats by small farmers in southern Taiwan.

Kumquats have a moderate sweetness and sourness and are most suitable for brewing fruit wines, which have also become one of Taiwan’s special flavored wines.

Kumquat is an evergreen tree that produces edible golden-yellow fruit. The peel has a sweet flavor, but the fruit has a distinctly sour center. The plant symbolizes good luck in China and other Asian countries, where it is often kept as a houseplant and given as a gift during the Lunar New Year. Bunnyville Kumquat Liqueur has a golden yellow color with a balanced sweet and sour taste. It is best served with ice, and you will find it one of the greatest aperitifs to stimulate your appetite.

Size: 700 ml

Strength : 200% vol