Bunnyville Liquor: Plum Wine

The origin and variety of the plums determine the taste of plum wine. This year, the green plums from Xinyi Township, Nantou, Taiwan are selected to make plum wine, which is brewed using the family wine recipe that the grandma has kept for nearly a hundred years. Following the wine recipe, the green plums that are round and close to nine-point ripeness are selected, washed, sun-dried, and finished. The brewing work is then carried out.

The fresh, natural flavors of plums and spirits combine perfectly, balancing all the sweetness, acidity, and unique fragrance of the plum pit.

The plums cultivated in Taiwan are mostly farmed in the central mountain range. Plums can induce appetite, and dispel abdominal distention. Since these plums are highly acidic and only slightly sweet, they are not often used as fresh fruit after harvest and are instead turned into plum liqueur. Bunnyville Plum Liqueur uses fresh plums harvested in April. It is only made once a year in batch production. You can drink it on the rocks, with soda water, or mix it with green tea.

Size: 700 ml

Strength : 20% vol